Sustainability Intern

Pleasanton Unified School District
1155 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94566
United States

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From $25.00
Per Hour
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Some Travel

Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Program Administrator/Supervisor, the job of Sustainability Intern for Child Nutrition Services is designated to expand and enhance sustainability as it relates to the Child Nutrition Services(CNS) Department of Pleasanton Unified School District. The Sustainability Intern for CNS will assist with a wide variety of program functions including but not limited to, identifying areas of focus to inform compliance to AB 1826/SB1383, working with the CNS employees at each school site to execute on assigned organic waste recycle sustainable projects and the reduction of food waste. Provide general support to the District Office Green Team, develop reports and maintain progress tracking.
● Under the supervision of the CNS Administrator, observe current department sustainability practices and outline, develop, and implement procedures to expand sustainability practices. ● Develop and implement programs for department and district compliance to AB1826/ SB1383.
● Work with and train CNS school site staff on practices that would reduce food waste.
● Develop training materials to be utilized by PUSD staff and shared with outside organizations as a resource for other school districts and organizations to assist in the sustained implementation of sustainability practices.
● Update and maintain CNS Sustainability Webpage providing resources for the PUSD community and outside organizations as related to district sustainability.
● Assist in the implementation and monitoring of projects, including but not limited to, coordinating communications with external organizations, reviewing project updates, and updating relevant supporting materials.
● Support communication efforts: preparation of reports, data analysis, summaries, presentations, benchmarking, and coordinate updates to the website.
● Support creation of visual and media assets for environmental initiatives.
● Use available information to research and analyze the sustainability performance of the CNS department.
● Providing in-depth research support for key topics associated with department sustainability.
● Help lead the development and preparation of a sustainability plan that outlines sustainability goals and identifies key milestones, strategies, metrics, and processes to achieve the stated goals.
● Assist in identifying, developing, and writing additional grants to continue to support sustainability within the Child Nutrition Services Department. 
Job Requirements
● Strong written, verbal, and analytical skills.
● Strong skills in process management, documentation, and communication skills.
● Excellent ability to create organized, comprehensive, and clear reports.
● Strong technical and analytical skills, with experience collecting, validating, analyzing, reporting, and
summarizing data.
● Interested in applying an analytical education to environmental issues; such as waste, water resources
management, and climate change.
Knowledge of:
● Knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of contemporary sustainability.
● PUSD policies and procedures.
● Maintain confidentiality; meet deadlines, and schedule work as part of a team.
● Advanced English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary.
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Computer and web programs
Ability to:
● Be a motivated, creative thinker who can multitask at a high level and can work both independently
and in a team environment in a wide variety of circumstances.
● Write in different styles; make presentations; create documents, and prepare and maintain accurate
● Operate a variety of job-related equipment, including a computer, assigned software, phone
systems, copier, and related office machines.
● Organize and prioritize work to meet deadlines, timelines, and schedules.
● Perform basic math, including calculations using fractions, percentages, and ratios.
● Problem solve, analyze issues and create action plans