Manufacturing Technician III

7005 Southfront Rd
Livermore, CA 94551
United States


Job Description

Skill requirements

1.Be able to read work instructions and understand the position and requirements.

2.Be able to master and memorize the job specifications and attentions of RA position.

3.Be able to memorize the RA parameter requirements from customers, company and industry.

4.Be able to master the terminology of RA and other positions in order to have good convergence.

5.Be able to fill out the relevant data for record completely and clearly.

6.Have the basic knowledge of components and circuits.


Job responsibilities  

1.Read the operation instructions,understand and confirm the welding location and requirements.

2.Trim the probe pins and weld pins to the specified position under the microscope according to drawings and process standards.

3.Clean the solder joints and PCBs according to the requirements.