Looking For Experienced Tutors (Math/Science Preferred)

Job Posted 2/12/2022
Summit Tutoring Center
4430 Willow Road, Suite C
Pleasanton, CA 94588
United States
Category Education
Degree Required
$35.00 Per Hour
Job Description
May be remote or hybrid depending on student request and availability.

>Currently very interested in math/science tutors, with SAT Math experience preferred, and/or college admission counselors! Other subjects desirable also.

Key Responsibilities/Expectations:

-Tutoring in group and/or private format

-Commit to schedule (at least one academic year or entire summer)

-Be enthusiastic and engage students to practice more! If you are not happy to be here, why should your student be?

-Teach according to California Common Core standards or other related standards (or willingness to learn)

-Be organized and knowledgeable about student progress

-Be prepared! Studying is required; having a PHD is not the same as knowing how to teach it!

-Can regularly assign and follow up with homework