Field Service Engineer II

Job Posted 3/17/2022
Sacramento, CA
United States
Category Manufacturing
Experience Required
$70,000.00 to $85,000.00 Per Year
Job Description

Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneer in automation control, instrumentation and services for the oil and gas; refining; energy; pulp and paper; industrial power generation; chemicals and petrochemicals; biofuels; life sciences; and metals, minerals, and mining industries. A leader in digitization, Honeywell delivers software and services that help customers overcome competitive pressures and uncertain market conditions to achieve game-changing business outcomes. Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio in process control, monitoring, and safety systems and instrumentation provides optimized operations and maintenance efficiencies to meet diverse automation needs.

Key Responsibilities:

• Provide customer with technical and consulting support for industrial process control / automation platforms, particularly Honeywell Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

• Understand customers key control processes and economic drivers and translate those into business opportunities

• Understand Honeywell’s DCS technical product line and provide customer with guidance on application, life cycle management, best practices, benefits, savings / cost and other factors influencing business direction

• Design, configuration, troubleshooting of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) software packages

• Perform industrial control systems analysis and optimization

• Configure, maintain and troubleshoot Honeywell hardware and software including: TDC / TPS, Universal Control Network (UCN) / Local Control Network (LCN) level devices and computer networks, Data Hiway and Experion PKS, DCS equipment

• Maintain / troubleshoot Hiway based equipment and LM's / Triconex / FSC

• Understanding of control system architecture utilizing computer networked data communications and graphical interfaces for high level process supervisory management.

• Implementation and Administration of TPS & EPKS Domains, controllers (HPM, eHPM, eUCN, eLCN, C200/C300), switches, peripherals, etc.

• Diagnose, troubleshoot, plan, repair, control system problems using standard test equipment / software applications. Utilize Global Technical Assistance Center and lead all site efforts to work through issues; act as the liaison between the customer and Honeywell

• Support client server architecture

• Knowledge of proportional integral derivative PID controllers and their interface with process plant machinery / instrumentation

• Perform hardware (controllers, servers, workstations) and software (LCN / Experion) upgrades including hardware refresh, point and major software releases; On / Off Process migrations.

• Observe functionality of installed equipment or systems to detect anomalies / hazards

• Repair and troubleshoot control / signal circuits and identify / communicate discrepancies

• Provide power on support of new / existing installations including grounding checks and proper installation / application

• Perform audits and baselines of installed control systems as delivered / installed

• Respond to emergency calls; resolve issues within established key performance metrics; work closely with Honeywell Technical Assistance Center staff

• Lead support personnel on site (main point of contact for Honeywell related items)

• Document work performed at site and off-site as necessary (effective oral / written communication / interpersonal skills)

• Administer / Perform preventative and corrective maintenance of control system hardware / software

• Computing Language (CL) Programming

• Knowledge of Advanced Applications such as Process History database (PHD), Doc 4000, TRACE, Experion Backup and Restore, Virtualization

• Solid understanding and application of cloud computing and virtualization using VMware on industrial control systems or other.

• Understanding and application / troubleshooting of Open Platform Communications (OPC)

• Contract renewals support; asset list verification and cross check with licensing

• Knowledge of other DCS / Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems such as ABB, Yokogawa, Emerson Delta V, Siemens, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Modicon


• High School Diploma

• 5+ years’ experience in field service and industrial process control systems


• Associates or bachelor’s degree strongly preferred

• Field Process Experience Preferred.

• The ideal candidate will possess knowledge and skills with PKS Experion Hardware & Software, in addition to Hiway, TDC, TPS system experience including LCN, UCN, and Hiway equipment, virtualized systems.

• Experience with Honeywell control systems: Experion, Hiway, TDC2/3000, & TPS systems and Process Controls

• PC/Networking experience

• Associates degree or bachelor’s preferred

• PC & Networking Skills

• Strong electronics / instrumentation background.

• 3rd Party controls experience

• Project Management experience (budget control, schedules, resource allocation, reporting)

• Detailed Process Control

• Strong electronics background; ability to work with electronic test equipment


Honeywell is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status.


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